TEHNOLINK TECHNICAL SUPPORT make service engineers and technicians divided into the sectors and responsibilities, equipped by own vehicles and tools, ready to support onsite.

On the whole territory of Serbia customer service is fast and efficient; enable to provide direct support onsite also need to provide advice which lead to a rapid solution to the problem.

Renovate existing AUTOMATION

-defectoscopic and repair engine
-defectoscopic and repair of generators

Replacing worn out parts on genset:

-sensors (temperature, pressure, speed, fuel level)
-complete installation engine
-worn mechanical parts (pot exhaust, vibration dumpers, engine parts, hoses, ...)
-Replace existing cabinets automation (if economically feasible)
-Entering Open sets in a container (or canopy)
-Set the unit to the underpass for towing on the road or construction site.
-A possibility of selecting the manner of mounting podvoza- on eye or on ball.

-A possibility of registration underpass for traffic safety.


Old, worn out cabinets robust automation replacing new compact automatics based on mikroprocersorski operated controllers with LCD display and software in the Serbian language. These controllers are specifically designed to aggregate applications and very easy to use.

New automation enables monitoring of all important parameters of the engine and generator, introduces additional protection for your system (overload, short-circuit protection, load imbalance) as well as additional protection to diesel engine (two levels of protection for all relevant parameters) pressure, temperature, overspeedlevel warning - when the controller registers a deviation from the set value (and displays them on the screen) but there is still no danger to the system and the unit continues to operate. An indication that the user is required to take certain steps to be state of the system would not threaten and came to a halt  aggregates level shutdown - the next level after the warning levels. If the controller registers the critical value of the measured parameters (for settings) immediately stops the unit!

The possibility of transfer to remote primary generator status (ready for operation, alarm, unit in operation) via potential-free contacts to a room for monitoring or connecting them to the central BMS at the facility.


-Make direct wired connection via RS-232 connection and software to 200m
-via GSM modem- receive an error message and change the state of the system
-via GSM modem and software -supervision and management unit in real timenu

Suiting NEW AUTOMATIC current establishment.

The possibility of taking complete care of your genset through the conclusion of the periodic inspection and maintenance of the unit.

DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF EQUIPMENT OTHER frequently used in Generator installation:

- fans
- selflifting blinds
-electrical powered blinds aggainst rainy blinds with protective netting
-electricity pump for refueling
-Hand pump for refueling
-Fuel tank with increased capacity
- heating fuel tank
- heating  rechargeable battery
- reducing noise
-battery charger pack
-valve ...

Overbuilding Coolant heater for easier START (STAND BY APPLICATIONS)

Making system for automatic refueling from central to daily fuel tank:

-gravitationaly , natural fall, using a solenoid valve

-via electromotive drum pumps in level

Production of technical documentation executed state and commissioning of the units with user training and more ...

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