Combined TEHNOLINK Load Bank

TEHNOLINK offers a Load Bank models that are robust, broad-spectrum power (xx KVA¸xx kVA) at nominal voltage and specially designed to work in external and internal environment. CTLB (Combined TEHNOLINK Load Bank) sets high standards with intelligent control management, high protective measures, adjustable step loads and effortless installation. CTLB is the perfect economical solution for testing carried out in order to check the work of diesel generators that power the large-scale industrial plants. Load Bank is a device that represents a continuous power source and the load at which all the energy received from the source dissipates. Load obtained by this type Load Bank is a combination  active and reactive within cosf = 0.8. CTLB is a great solution during factory test unit. The role of a Load Bank is presented in the form of support during operation, testing and protection of the power supply. Application of Load Bank's impossible to WET STACK-ING engine or phenomena that occur whenun burned  fuel due to a light load preserve engine performance as part of the genset drive is certainly an imperative. TEHNOLINK Combined Load Bank is a completely innovative and economical solution with effortless installation.


  • The waterproof construction (degree of protection IP23)
  • Designed for continuous operation without the need for a cool-down period
  • The resistor elements are very well insulated ceramic rod on which are wound and protected by fuses
  • Intelligent protection solutions, indications of problems and operational control
  • The ultimate economic solution during temporary testing

Cabinet construction

Structures of CTLB is made of galvanized steel with a very high quality of the final painting and external covers made of stainless steel. CTLB is modular with separate chambers in which there is active and reactive loads. At the base of the structure there is a hollow space which is suitable for maneuvering with the forklift which contributes in a mobility of the construction.

Disposition of  resistive elements is arranged in a very precise winding method which provide air flow to a greater occurrence and minimize overheating. All resistive elements are wound very well insulated ceramic barrier that prevents short circuits between the heating elemenets. Disposition of reactive resistive elements are in a separate chamber on the  rail in order to increase the outlet of hot air.

Remote control and alarm system

  • Air-Flow control
  • Over-Temperature
  • Load Dump
  • Automatic Load Dump


Cooling System CTLB type active / reactive resistive elements represents more coolers which are arranged in the active or reactive chamber. The amount of air intake must always be prepared satisfy the needs of heaters in order not to cause breakdown.


Within each TLB is EMERGENCY STOP that allows the user at any time to terminate the operation of Load Bank-a case of unforeseen situations. Protective elements that are part of the distribution box provide adequate protection to possible short circuit. Visual indication of the distribution cabinet Load Bank in unforeseen situations (Motor Overload, Air-Flow failure, Over-Temperature) prevents the user to manually start the Load Bank's.


  • Emergency stop (E-STOP)
  • Main switch On/Off
  • Individual Load Step ON/OFF switch
  • Fault condition indicators (indication of contingences)
  • Normal Condition indicators


If the Load Bank is connected in parallel with the network and then the engine via a current transformer observe how the load aggregate and depending on its value does not allow that the unit is loaded with less than 40%. Automatic Load controller represents a sophisticated controller that adds and subtracts genset load depending on its current term exposure and all in order to preserve engine performance as part of the genset drive power due to light load. The controller adds a load in specified increments  steps depending on Load Bank's  power.

The consequences of non-use TEHNOLINK Load Bank

  • Unburned fuel promotes the destruction of the engine block
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Reduced efficiency and motor power
  • Reduced output power generator
  • Increased emissions
  • Early repair of the engine block
  • Increased maintenance costs of the engine block

Application of TehnoLink Load Bank-a

  • UPS systems
  • Diesel Generators
  • Plane power generators
  • Wind generators
  • Hydro generators
  • Energy recuperations

In the modern world where a temporary or permanent interruption of power represents a major economic loss or liabilities and needs of each facility, factory or office is certainly the existence of the reserve power supply. TEHNOLINK genset emerge as the ultimate solution. As  currently the only domestic manufacturers of diesel genset as well as the quality of our production and reliability of their work is imperative. In order to offer our customers additional support gensets, our team of experts presents a modern solution for protection of diesel generators. PTLB (TEHNOLINK Portable Load Bank) is a completely innovative and superior solution to the problem of light load diesel engines. As we do not want to allow our customers light load of genset in any part of the day occur much bigger problems with the drive motor, we offer a solution that will impose a load  at least 40% of nominal at a time when it is needed. The constant progress, innovative ideas and cutting edge technical solutions represents constant goal of all  TEHNOLINK workers so if you want a secure income and peace of mind, please contact us.