TEHNOLINK TECHNICAL SUPPORT make service engineers and technicians divided into the sectors and responsibilities, equipped by own vehicles and tools, ready to support onsite.

On the whole territory of Serbia customer service is fast and efficient; enable to provide direct support onsite also need to provide advice which lead to a rapid solution to the problem.

The wide range of Tehnolink offers a variety of gensets power from 5kVA up to 500 kVA for rent.


-Ultrasilent enclosure
-Tank Fuel increased capacity
-Quick Industrial connectors (for up to 50 kVA)
-Safety AS switches

If you want to rent for a long period we will provide discount of:

-5% for a period of 7 days
-10% for a period of 30 days
-15% for a period of 90 days

Prices are based on the basis of 8 am daily work. Each additional hour is extra charged.

Regular service of gensets are at every 250 operating hours and they are covered by Tehnolink service network. It should be paid at the regular rate Tehnolink Ltd.

Transportation is not included in the price.

The work of the operator is not the key to price.

Commissioning and training of the customer are included in the price.

For specific requirements, please contact us.

For further information you can contact us via phone +381 (0) 60-88-11-013 +381 (0) 21-00-650

or on mail