Parallel operation of more gensets as a standby in case of power failure without synchronization unit and network


Two or more diesel generating sets in parallel work in the function of supplying the same consumers after a blackout.


Systems that are extremely critical characteristic and always need to have backup power (hospitals, clinics, sports centers, industrial systems ...)

Parralel between generator sets when mains fail (AMF)

  • Control unit has to be managed with ATS panel.In the case when MAINS fail ge generator set will automatically start, synchronize and start to supplying plant within the few seconds (programmable parameter). When the mains return, the load is switched, and after a cooling time, the generator set stop automatcally.
  • This operation regime has a very short blackuot
  • It exist possibility of interconnection diesel generator sets with different rated power.
  • LOAD SHARING option: If the applied load is than the power given by generator sets in parallel after a set time, the ones with the most operation hours automatically switched off. If the applied load suddenly increases, it will automatically restart.
  • Automatic start is based on programmable parameters such as:
  • Working hours
  • Timing
  • Equal load sharing
  • Tresholds
  • Priorities
  • lenght of DATA BUS it can not be longer than because noise possibility
  • Serial communication ports RS232, RS485 also and CAN BUS (provide communication between control units)
  • MODBUS procokol
  • MASTER-SLAVE between control units
  • Example:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Sports facillities
  • Industrial systems